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About the Band

Jerry Nowak

Jerry Nowak (creative director, guitar, vocals) has been around the block once or twice.  He has been a truck driver, a frat boy, an author, a ski bum, a bartender, a computer programmer, a magician (literally, not figuratively) and an officer in the United States Air Force.  He is currently a senior partner at a major international law firm.  But through it all, and more to the point, Jerry has been playing guitar and singing his little heart out for more than 40 years.  In addition to his role as creative director, manager, guitarist and singer for Swingabilly Slim, he plays in the alt rock group 6FM and has recorded and released his solo album "Once Upon a Time," available for sale or download elsewhere on this website, as well as on iTunes, Spotify or your streaming service of choice.


Stu Greenspan

Stu Greenspan (musical director, electric bass, vocals) is an accomplished guitarist, electric bass player and composer/arranger, performing with many jazz and pop music groups including Swingabilly Slim, Los Perros Cubanos, Reginald Robinson and the 5th Element, Linda Solotaire, and Eddie Harrison’s Paris Swing. He is currently the musical director of the Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, an ensemble that features an eight piece band onstage with a full dance company. As a studio musician and engineer, Stu has contributed to sound designs for all of Chicago’s major theater companies and many others throughout the country. He is on the music faculty of Columbia College Chicago and the Francis W. Parker School.


Veronica Kott

Veronica Kott (vocals, keyboards) performs original music and jazz standards in the Chicago area, as well as singing lead vocals and playing keyboards in Swingabilly Slim and the funk/soul/jazz band Groove Witness.  In addition to performing, Veronica also offers private lessons in both piano and voice.

Natalie Scharf

Natalie Scharf (tenor sax, keyboards) is a multi-talented musician, gigging regularly with Paris Swing and other bands, as well as serving as band director for a local middle school, bless her heart.

Leo Peña

Leo Peña (drums) was born in the suburbs of Mexico City. He moved to Chicago at age 15 and began playing drums in various high school bands, exploring almost all styles of music. Leo attended Elmhurst College and continued experimenting musically in hip hop and acid jazz. Leo teaches History and Spanish and has played in the Chicago area extensively with numerous bands, including Swingabilly Slim, traditional Mexican "Bandas" and Tex-Mex groups, jazz trios, Hip Hop and pop groups, theatre, and local cajun band "The Midway Ramblers".

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